How to get and stay motivated

"I should start to exercise" Is this something that you keep saying but never get around to? 

Or do you exercise but often end up skipping a workout because you just run out or time or just don't have the energy? 

I know for me, I have skipped a workout many times as I really was just not in the right head space to do it. We are all human and life is busy. We are often tired and just give ourselves excuses not to do things as we really don't have the energy to push ourselves to do it. I had a client last night who was like this, she went out to run and just couldn't get started. She obviously gave herself a big talking to and went back to why she was out there and what her goals were. I am happy to say she got her run done and afterwards was pumped and happy that she had done it. 

So if this is you and you either just can't get started on your fitness journey or miss your regular workouts, you are not alone. It is normal.

I find that often ladies come to me to get started but find it really difficult to actually come in for their first session. This is often because they want to get started but are not really sure of the real reason behind why they want to start. 

Often they are focused on just getting fitter but this in itself is not really enough of a reason to make that step into a class. It is important to look at why you want to get fitter, how will life be different. How will you feel? What will you be able to do that you can't do now?

So what can you do to get the motivation and drive to get started and/or make exercise part of your normal routine.

Over time I have worked out some ways to get and stay motivated. So I wanted to share with you my tips for getting and staying motivated. I hope that they help you.

Find something you enjoy

It is no good saying I am going to get fit and run three times each week if you absolutely hate running. 

Try a wide range of activities and find one that you enjoy and leaves you feeling happy and on top of the world at the end. You want to be looking forward to your next session. From experience this is where exercising with others is great as it can be social and fun. I love working out with others and I absolutely love my group classes where everyone works together and has a laugh at the same time.

Have a reason why you want to exercise

It is near impossible to stay motivated and wanting to keep exercising if  you are just doing it because you think you should. Before you start ask yourself why do I want to do this? 

If you are exercising but not really knowing why, then it is really easy to just skip a workout or not start at all.  

I find those who get started and stay motivated are those with a real goal. This goal has to be something that is meaningful for you. It might be that you have seen your parent's get older and start to become frail and unwell. For me I have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer in my family and so I want to make sure that I give myself the best chance to stay healthy and ready to enjoy life.

I have many clients that get started because they want to have the energy to be able to get though the day and not end up grumpy and short tempered with their kids and partner at the end of the day. Also for many they want to be a great role model for their kids.

Make sure your goal is realistic

To be motivated to keep going  you need a goal. It has to be something that is realistic and achievable. Again I will use running. If you set yourself a goal to run a half marathon and you haven't run since childhood. Is it realistic to say I am going to run a half marathon by July this year?  Yes maybe it can be done but it certainly wouldn't be pretty. I would suggest that a better goal to start with would be to run/walk for 30 minutes and maybe enter a 5klm event. This is far more achievable and you are far less likely to get injured or just hate running so much, that you just give up.

This brings me to weight loss goals. I find that people who set weight loss goals often end up giving up as they usually restrict foods and get disillusioned when they find that it is just so hard to stick too. It is far better to set lifestyle goals like eating an extra serve of veggies each day which is way more achievable and in the long term will probably lead to you feeling better with how you both look and feel. 

Create a vision board

Have a clear picture of how life will be different and how it feels when you reach your goal. Picture yourself already there. You can use a vision board or a journal and focus on how it feels to have achieved this goal. When I am training for a running event , I always visualise myself running in the event and feeling strong and full of energy. I also picture myself running across the finish line and how awesome it feels. Use this vision board on those days when you find your motivation dropping. Just take a few moments to go back to how it will feel when you achieve your goal. How awesome and proud are you going to feel?

Be kind to yourself 

This is a big one. So often I find ladies comparing their health and fitness journey with other people. Your story and your journey is yours and your progress will be different to any other persons. Be proud of every attempt and step that you take as they all will bring you closer to your goal.  Any good thing takes time.

 When things don't go as you plan, stop and take stock of what is happening and use it as a learning experience. Acknowledge all the great things you have done and how far you have come. If you hit a real road block, seek help as sometimes a helping hand can make all the difference. 

Remember every day is a new day and a new chance to get things right. 

I hope that these tips help you to become motivated. 

I am here to help you in anyway I can. Our group classes are a great starting place if you are looking for a friendly, supportive group of ladies. Start in March and receive 50% off all classes this month. That's less than $15 per week. 

Libby x