How to know when you're ready to start on an exercise program.

Okay so you are thinking about getting fit but the time just never seems right. You say okay I am really unfit and I have to start looking after myself more. I think I will start, but not yet because I'm not quite ready. You then come up with 10 different reasons why you're not ready and so you just put it off a little longer.

Sound like you?

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she was saying when the kids go back to school I am going to come along to your classes. I asked her "why not come along now?"  Her answer was "I'm not ready yet" I asked her why and she said "I need to get a bit fitter first" Crazy I thought isn't that the reason why you come to classes. When I questioned her more I unravelled the real reasons why she was putting coming along off.

She was scared!

She was scared of looking silly.

She was scared of not being able to keep up because everyone else would be fitter than her.

She was scared because she wasn't very co-ordinated.

She was scared because she had a bit of a sore back and didn't want to hurt herself.

She was also worried because she didn't have a lot of time.

She also thought that it cost money and really she could just go for a walk and do things at home like some squats, pushups and sit ups as that didn't cost anything. 

I am telling you this as my friend is not the only person who probably thinks like this. As humans we often focus on all the what if's rather than just jumping in and trying something new. We stay on the safe side of life and never step outside of our comfort zone.

So if you are like my friend, I want to share with you a few things about why you should stop putting off starting an exercise program.

Firstly you will not look silly. Everyone will be focusing on what they are doing and I know every one of my clients are super supportive of any new ladies that come along to a class as they remember how they felt as a newbie.

You do not need to get a bit fitter first. This is why you are going to join a program. You are joining to get fitter. Everyone's fitness level is different and you will quickly find that you are getting fitter. My clients are always telling me things that they can now do. One client can now get up the stairs at work without needing to stop at the top and catch her breath.

You certainly don't need to be co-ordinated. Simple moves are often the best for building strength. There is no need to do super tricky co-ordinated moves to get fitter and stronger. Plus the more you use your body allows you to get a new sense of how it moves and co-ordination naturally improves.

Have injuries? That shouldn't stop you. Working on your core strength will actually help prevent injuries and allow you to do more things pain free. I have trained many ladies with chronic injuries and always seek help from their physio or health care practitioner when needed to make sure I keep them safe and injury free. I have a client that when she started with me, she could hardly move as she was in so much pain every morning when she got out of bed. This lady is now able to run and loves our high intensity workouts. 

Okay so you are short on time? We all have time constraints. The key is to write down everything you do on a planner and look for those windows of time that are free. It may mean a workout at lunch time or before the kids get up but I am sure that somewhere in your day you can find time if you really want to get fitter and healthier. Being fitter also helps you have more energy so you tend to just get on with things and get more done.

Lastly the excuse of I can't afford classes. How much do you spend on takeaway coffee each week? Or on those special treats that jump into your supermarket trolley. How much do you spend on your kids after school activities - are their needs really more important than yours? As mums we tend to put our own health last but you really should be putting it as a priority.  You are important and if you are not looking after yourself then what will happen if you get sick? Investing in your own health is not selfish.

Also yes you can go it alone at home and do your own thing but working with a fitness professional will get you quicker results plus you will be surrounded by other ladies that are supportive and you will become part of a community. My ladies are all so important to me and I love the environment that we have achieved as everyone is like a big happy family. So many new friendships have been formed.

If you are like my friend and have been putting off starting an exercise program I want you to think about why not just taking that leap of faith and starting now. Once you have started you will wonder why you hadn't started earlier.

I would love to help you and because I know Christmas is just a month away, it would be very easy to say I'll start in the New Year. But to help you start now I am offering you the chance to join our group program and train for free until 2017. To get started or if you have any questions about my programs please give me a call on 0409135359. 

Libby xx