How to stop the guilt this silly season- tips to help you enjoy this time of the year

Do you approach Christmas time worrying that you are going to blow the diet and put on weight as you have lots of parties and events to attend?

Every year I see people beating themselves up because they have headed out and had a wonderful time but ate and drank too much. This leaves them feeling like they have undone all their good work of eating well and training hard. After one night out they give up entirely on their health and fitness goals because it is just too hard at this time of the year. This then leads them to feelings of guilt and the thought "it's just too hard"

The key to enjoying this time of the year is to give yourself permission to have fun and also to change the way you think about food. It is totally okay to go out and have a night where you enjoy eating and having a few drinks with friends and family. In the scheme of an entire year a day here and there where you overindulge is not going to totally destroy your chances of improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Here are our top tips of how to enjoy this wonderful time of the year without feeling guilty.

The first and most important is to start working on becoming more mindful around food.

Before you eat, ask yourself  "Am I really hungry?" When you are eating, focus on what you are eating rather than just gulping down food mindlessly. Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls and savor what you are eating. If you practice this at home, then when you go out, you will start to automatically assess your hunger and not just grab whatever is presented to you. Pace yourself as well and constantly assess whether you are still hungry. After a while this becomes easier and you will not be so tempted to just keep eating. When eating out, choose foods that you know you are going to enjoy the taste of rather than just eating everything that is available.

Stop looking at food and thinking of kilojoules, sugar or fat content of each food.

Instead think of food as fuel. Would you put poor quality fuel in your car and expect it to run smoothly and efficiently? If you focus on improving your everday eating, having a night or two out and over indulging is not going to matter. Think of the year as a whole, it has 365 days in it. If you eat poorly for some of these days,  it is not that bigger deal.

Use exercise as a way to feel good about yourself, choose activities that you enjoy.

We hear all the time about which types of exercise burn the most kilojoules but looking at exercise this way makes exercise seem more like a form of punishment for when we over-eat. How many of us have headed out for a full on HIIT session or a hard run because we over-ate. When you have overindulged, rather than doing a punishing workout try a walk or a gentler form of exercise. If you are tired and a little worse for wear after a big night out, you put yourself at a much higher risk of injury, than if you exercise when you are feeling rested and fueled with nutritious foods.

Wear clothes that you feel good in.

Make sure that you always wear clothes that you feel great in. Wearing something extra tight to hide a few bulges only leaves you feeling uncomfortable. It also can unconsciously make some people feel unworthy of feeling healthy and happy and then they just give up on even trying. So make sure that you dress to feel amazing as you deserve to feel like a million dollars.

We hope that these few tips help you to look at things differently as Christmas approaches this year. Be proud of who you are and how you look right now.

Have a wonderful safe and happy festive season.

Libby and Melinda xx

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