My favourite flexibility moves

One thing that I have found as I get older is that I am not nearly as flexible as used to be. 

For many of us, we find that our joints can become arthritic, stiff and cranky. To help prevent this stiff achy feeling it is really important to work on keeping our joints as mobile as possible. 

A quick stretch at the end of a workout really is not enough. We need to make a more conscious effort to include flexibility and mobility as an important part of our workout.

In the past we would only do what's called static stretches - these are the stretches that you hold for a particular length of time, usually around 30 seconds but more recently we have found that doing some mobility stretches prior to our workout are really beneficial and get our muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints ready for our workout. 

Here's one of my favourite flexibility sequences. This little sequence works on our hips, hamstrings and back. 

If you find that you are feeling tight through your back and shoulders after sitting for too long then give this one try it also is a great one for helping to improve our posture.

I'd love for you to try these two little stretching sequences at home. I actually set myself time each night to work on some gentle moves to help me to stop that stiff achy feeling and I actually find it really relaxing. It has now become a part of my bedtime ritual. 

If you are wanting to work more on your flexibility why not try yoga. It is an awesome way to improve your flexibility and help to overcome joint pain and stiffness. Let me know if you would like to try a class.

We also have some quick little yoga workouts in our Fit, Fab & 50 Online 10 minute workouts. 

Please reach out if you need any info or help to overcome stiff achy joints or if you want to become more flexible.

Libby x