Stop looking for short term miracles and focus on long lasting changes

At this time of the year we seem to be bombarded with advertisements offering us the answer to how to look great by losing weight and toning up.

How often do we see advertised shakes and fat busting tablets that are the miracle weight loss product?  

Just in the last two days I have also seen programs that are promoting 'how to get flat sexy abs' and a 'yoga routine for a flat belly' Okay wouldn't we all love a flat belly and sexy abs but an exercise program alone is not going to give us this. It is a combination of eating the right amount of the right foods and exercise together that will lead to a flatter belly.

Then we come to what is the best diet for weight loss. I do not believe that it is shakes or fat blasting tablets. These are not going to give us long term sustainable weight loss. Yes you will lose weight fast but as soon as you stop taking them the weight comes back along with a few extra kgs.

I guess I am on a little bit of a rant as this just makes me angry on one hand but then really sad. It gives people the false hope that they are onto the thing that they have been looking for. But really all it is doing is sucking you in and taking your hard earned money. 

So here is what I think. Stop focusing on quick fix miracle cures and settle in for the journey of a life time, where you start to make small changes one at a time that will lead to one big amazing change in how you look and feel forever. There really are no short term programs that are going to offer a miracle that will give you long lasting results. 

Here's my suggestions:

Ask yourself what do I really want and why?

You need to have a clear picture and a real reason for wanting change. Think of how you will feel and what will be different. What impact is this going to have on your life? 

Doing this gives what you are doing real meaning. Write the answers down in a journal and create a vision board so that you can feel and see what will be different. Doing this will make it real and make it easier for you to stay focused on what you want. Also to be successful you really have to believe that you can achieve this as doubt only limits your success. So stop wondering if you can and start believing that you can and you will be successful.

Focus on changing one thing at a time

Slow and steady always wins the race. Trying to overhaul your entire eating habits all at once sets you up for disaster.  Strict diets or living on shakes at this time of the year is especially hard as for most of us we have constant social gatherings and engagements leading up to Christmas and diets are just too prohibiting and stop us from enjoying ourselves with friends. 99% of people find strict diets too hard and just give up. They then are left feeling guilty as they have failed.

Work out one thing to change and start with just that. Once you have mastered that, then change something else. It can be as simple as having a glass of water whenever you are hungry and then waiting 10 - 15 minutes to see if you are really hungry or was it just that you were thirsty.

An easy change is each day to have an extra serve of veggies. Try including some veggies with breakfast or lunch. Another easy change is to swap your biscuit that you have with your cup of tea to a small handful of nuts or a piece of fruit.

Get moving more or change up what you are already doing

If you are not exercising at all then get moving. There are so many options for you but remember that you need to work at your level so if you join a class,  just remember that you aren't expected to keep up with everyone that has been exercising for ages. In no time at all your fitness will improve and you will be able to work at a higher intensity but if you start out too crazy then you will get injured or just find it so hard that you won't want to go. Also look for options that work on your core strength as it is important to build a strong core to protect you from injury. 

In your day to day, just move more in general. Think about parking further from the supermarket or school or even better walk to pick up the kids from school. If you have kids, bring out your inner child and play with them. I can promise you that the kids will love you for getting out and having fun with them.

If you are already exercising then it is probably time to shake things up a little. If you are doing the same thing over and over your body adapts to what you are doing and your progress can plateau. So look at doing some different things. Up your intensity.  If you walk daily, try adding in some jogging intervals. If you are doing classes try a new class or just head to the class with the intent to give that extra bit of effort. Try your push ups on your toes, run that little bit faster or jump that little bit higher. Just give it your all. 

Be organized

It's so easy to have all the best intentions in the world but if you are not organized then time can stop you from taking action. I know myself I have missed many workouts due to running out of time or not being organized. When I was teaching I always planned to go to the gym on my way home and there were times when I forgot my shoes or my leggings so just went home and then never worked out.

I also find that so many people tell me they just don't have time for a workout. I recommend sitting down and working out when you can exercise and then schedule it in and make it like an important meeting. I know if you work and/or have a family to look after time can be scarce.  Look at your schedule and plan when you can workout. Even a 15 minute walk is better than nothing. 

Be proud of every small step of your journey

Every small step is something to be proud of. Be kind to yourself and recognize that this is a long term thing. I think just making the commitment to start being healthier is an amazing step and well worth being proud of. When you go a little of track recognize that it is all a learning process and just get back to your long term plan. Be kind to yourself. We all have days or sometimes even weeks where things just don't go to plan.

Take note along the way of how you feel and any small improvements that you are noticing. Write these down in your journal and this way when you are having a day and you feel a little blah, you can read your journal and take inspiration from what you have already achieved. 

Need help - ask!

Tell family and friends what you are working towards and why. I am sure they will be there for you and you might even find that they will join you in your journey. If you tell them then they will understand when you don't want that extra glass of wine or slice of cake.

Ask them for help if you need it.  Maybe your partner could organize dinner so you could head out for a walk or to a class.

Be an inspiration to them and a great role model. 


Lastly, Melinda and I would love to be part of your journey. We can help you with creating lifelong changes that will help you to feel confident, full of energy and healthy.  Our ladies at the moment are all getting amazing results and are feeling and looking amazing and feeling confident and happy with their progress.  

I know you can get great results too if you would like to join us you can register here

Libby xx