Many people think that being fit and healthy is as simple as eating healthy and exercising regularly.  Each New Year so many people make a resolution to lose weight and/or get fitter. By the end of the month most people have found their resolution has gone out the door. It is too hard!!! They find that eating healthy and exercising regularly is not always as easy as they thought.

So I have decided to really look at my clients and delve into what they have done and/or are doing right now.  I have amazing ladies that are getting awesome results. It constantly blows me away to see how well some of them are doing.

These 5 things are all important components of my client’s successes.

1. Self-Belief

The saying “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right” is so true.  You really need to believe that you are successfully going to achieve your goal. For instance, if you set a goal of losing weight but in the back of your mind is the niggly thought that “I have tried before and I always stuff it up” You need to turn this thought around and focus on how this time can be different. Really analyze what went wrong before and work out a plan to do things differently this time.  Visualize yourself being that person you want to be and consistently argue with those voices inside your head that start to niggle away and tell you that you will muck up once again.

2. Find out your why

Why do you want to change? Or why do you want to achieve a certain goal? Really delve into what it is that is going to be different when you change or achieve your goal. For some of my clients their why has been so that they can feel confident again. They want to be able to wear bathers or singlet tops and not be embarrassed by their flabby arms. I have had a client that wanted to be able to get down on the floor so that she could play with her grandchildren. She hated not being able to get down and play with them. Sometimes it can be hard to work out your why. So take time to think of the real reasons behind your goal and become really aware of what it is and then focus on this why. Write it down or create a vision board so that you can visualise how it will be when you get there.

3. Be consistent

I find the clients that are really consistent in what they do achieve their goals. Those clients that come to classes regularly get quicker results. In saying that sometimes they might miss a class because of other commitments but they make sure that they do something at home to make up for not coming to a session. It is just the same with your nutrition. The clients that do the best are those that eat well the majority of the time but allow themselves to have a treat when they need it.  What doesn’t work is severely restricting foods or dieting and then eating everything and anything because you just crave favourite foods.

4. Do it for you

Sometimes in life we feel that we have to do things because other people want us to. I have had ladies come to me and when I ask them what has prompted them to do some PT they tell me that it is because a doctor or other person has suggested that they need to be healthier. Unfortunately these ladies always struggle as they are being made to feel that they have to come. It is not something that they really want to do. Sometimes they realize how much better they feel being healthier but often they just struggle and not really put in the effort.  I always think it is like telling a child that they have to clean their room. They might do it but not well. They just do enough to make it look like they have done something.

So if you want to reach a goal – do it because it has come from your heart not from an outside influence. Focus on a goal that has real meaning to you and one that is going to make a difference to you.

5. Don’t compare yourself or your journey to others

Everyone is totally unique.  No two people are going to have the same journey.  Some of us may have injuries or special health conditions that impact on what you can do which may slow our results down.  Another important thing to remember is that we are all different shapes and sizes and our bodies can react to exercise differently.  

It can be totally devastating if you start comparing yourself to others as you will always be able to find someone who seems to be just that lucky person where everything just goes totally to plan and they achieve goals super quick.  Our results and achievements are going to be individual and the only person you should ever compare yourself with is you. 

As 2017 arrives I want to wish you all a very happy, healthy and wonderful 2017. I know that you can be successful in anything that you choose to do.

Libby x

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