Libby's Fitness For Life Group Timetable

Libbys Fitness Timetable Oct 17

Super Strength (30 min):

Build strong lean muscles. Our class encompasses a wide variety of exercises using body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells and machines.

Energy Fit (45 min):

Cardio moves plus strength exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and your own body weight. Tones and strengthens your body.

Box Fit (45 min):

A class with everything – boxing, cardio drills, and core designed to leave you feeling stress free.

Abs/Core (30 min):

A class focusing on your tummy muscles and glute muscles. Great for injury prevention and of course toning your abs and butt.

Cardio Blitz (30 min):

A class for cardio lovers. Encompasses lots of cardio drills and body weight exercises.

Running Group (45 min):

Suitable for all levels from complete beginner to the more experienced runner.

Express Run (30 min):

This class encompasses intervals to help you learn to run or to get to be a stronger faster runner.

Beginner Yoga (60 min):

A beautiful flowing style yoga class. Calm your busy mind, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and mobility.

Yoga for runners (30 min):

A class designed to help you become a stronger runner and to help prevent injuries.

All classes are suitable for all levels. Individual regressions and progressions will be given where needed.