Libby's Fitness For Life Group Timetable

Libbys Fitness Timetable Jun17

Fit & Toned:

Cardio moves plus strength exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and your own body weight. Tones and strengthens your body. Suitable for all levels.

Box Fit:

A class with everything – boxing, cardio drills, strength and core designed to leave you feeling stress free after a busy day. Suitable for all levels.


A class that combines the best of everything – Pilates for core strength, cardio and strength moves for a complete workout. Suitable for all levels.

Boxing Core:

A total workout for the entire body. The class starts with boxing and then finishes with Pilates to strengthen your tummy and glutes. Suitable for all levels.

Running group:

Suitable for all levels from complete beginner to the more experienced runner.

Beginner Yoga:

A beautiful flowing style yoga class. Calm your busy mind, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and mobility. Suitable for all levels.