5 Tips To Help You Stay Active Over The Holidays

The holidays are here. Kids are home on holidays and for many of you, partners are home too. I also know that some of you are lucky enough to be heading away on family holidays. This means that it can seem like totally impossible to keep up your exercise routine. I know that when I have time off from exercising I really struggle as I use exercise as a time for me and it helps to keep me sane.  So even when I am away I still make sure that I stay active and this means I am happier and enjoy a change of routine.

I thought that I would share with you my 5 top tips to keeping active in the holidays.

1. This time of the year is perfect for an early morning workout. Why not hop up 30 minutes earlier than everyone else and head out for a quick walk or try a quick workout out in the fresh air. Circuit style workouts can be quick and effective. Try 15 reverse lunges, 15 frog jumps, 15 push ups, 15 squats, 15 high knees. Repeat continuously for 5 minutes. You will find that in just 5 minutes your heart rate will be elevated and you will feel like ready for the day.

2. Exercise with the family. Why not go out together and go for a walk or bike ride. This also helps show the rest of the family how good being active can feel.  We have some great places to walk and ride locally and if you are away you can head out together and check out all the great places nearby. 

3. Play games with the kids. Bring out your inner child and join in outdoor games with the kids.  When my kids were younger we always would play tennis together when away. By the way I am totally hopeless at tennis so always had everyone in fits of laughter by the end. It doesn’t have to be tennis, whatever your kids enjoy have a go at. It could be basketball, cricket, soccer or even just a game of tiggy.

4. Holidays usually mean that you are not rushing as much, so why not walk to the supermarket or shopping centre if you need to collect a few things. With all the end of year sales, shops can be busy and parking tricky so walking takes out the added stress of needing to find a carpark.

5. Take a class. If you are away, have a look at where you are staying and check out what sort of classes are on offer.  I know when I have a beach holiday I always see outdoor classes in action that welcome holiday makers. I especially love taking a yoga class on the beach or during my last holiday I tried a combination of yoga and pilates in the park. These are usually run early morning so the family will not even notice you are gone.

Most importantly enjoy this time of the year and the change of pace that goes with it.  I know that you all lead hectic lives and having a break from normal routine is really important. Even if you are at home just take some time out and enjoy not rushing to get everything done. 

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Libby x