How to get fit and enjoy the process

People always think that because I am a trainer that I have always been super fit. This is not the case, I have had times in my life that I have struggled with my fitness as life was busy and I struggled to put my own needs first. Then other times I have battled injuries which really played mind games with me. Once I started back exercising I felt scared to really put in 100% effort as I was worried that I would injury myself again. This meant that I was sabotaging my success.

Over time I have worked out the best way to get my fitness back on track and it all revolves around two main things which are mindset and friends/exercise buddies.

Here is what works for me:

I need to believe in myself

This is super important. I need to believe that I can get back to being fit and strong. I picture myself feeling super fit.  I often use my journal to note down my feelings and how it will feel getting back to feeling fit again.  I focus on what I want to be able to do and picture myself doing it. Plus I note down how I will feel and how much happier I will be.  I also set myself a goal to achieve. For instance I often will register for an event which gives me a focus to work towards.

At times I am a major procrastinator.  I often will procrastinate over getting my workouts done. When this happens I go back to my goals and again use my journal to help me to stop procrastinating and get back on track.

I focus on not feeling guilty about spending time on my own needs

When my kids were little I would feel guilty about spending time or money on doing something just for me. But I know now that looking after my own health and fitness needs makes me happier and healthier. With time I have learnt not to feel guilty as I know that when I am fit and healthy I am a much better person to be around.

So many times I have heard people say that they feel guilty spending money on their own health and fitness. I know of ladies who won’t even go to the physio because of the cost even though they are in pain. They feel guilty spending money on themselves. This makes me sad as I really believe that investing in your own health and fitness is important. Why? Because, you will be healthier and happier. I don’t think that you can really put a price on this?

Also if you are regularly exercising and looking after yourself, you are being a great role model to others especially your children and family. Being active is going to let your kids know that exercise is fun and enjoyable. Plus your friends and family will see how exercise is helping you. They most probably will want to join you, so that they can experience what it feels like to be fit and healthy too.

Being organized is crucial

I have used the ‘I don’t have time excuse often’. But really I did have time, I just needed to change my way of thinking. What I do is to stop focusing on the ‘I don’t have time’ and start focusing on ‘making time.’ How? I look at my schedule and search for little windows of time that are free. 

If we constantly are focusing on the busyness of life, we automatically think we don’t have time. There is 24 hours in each day so in reality there is always some time that is free. Can you get a workout in at the end of the day instead of watching TV?  Or, why not set the alarm a little earlier and get a quick workout in before the family get up? Even 20 minutes is enough to get a quick workout in. 

Once you have worked out when you can exercise schedule it in. Treat this time like an important meeting and make sure even when you are feeling tired, that you give your workout a go. Once you get started I guarantee that you will feel less tired. I know sometimes I really have to push myself to do a workout late in the day but I never ever regret it once I've finished.

 Have an exercise buddy

I love working out with other people. Melinda and I try and co-ordinate as many workouts together as we can. Plus on the weekends, my husband joins us and we go out together for a family run. I also love my Wednesday night's in the city at my running group. Working out in a group or with family or friends is just so much more fun and you work harder as you motivate each other too.     

Don’t have an exercise buddy, then join a group program. I adore my group classes as everyone always shows support and encouragement to each other.  I love the camaraderie in our groups and how so many new friendships have been formed.

Find things that you enjoy doing

There are some forms of exercise that I just don’t enjoy. I know that for me to be successful and stick with a plan I have to do things that I find enjoyable and challenging.  Therefore, I highly recommend that you find things that you enjoy doing. There are so many options when it comes to exercise. There’s walking, swimming, running, boxing, strength training, circuit training, pilates, yoga and lots more.  If you are not sure of what sort of exercise you like, try a variety of different things and see which ones are for you.

I also make sure that I include lots of variety into my weekly exercise so I never get bored with doing the same things over and over. Lots of variety helps you get better results and can prevent you from getting injured.  Why?  Doing the same types of exercise and at the same intensity means both you and your body will get bored.  You will most likely plateau and stop getting results. So always change things around and step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while. When it comes to preventing injury having variety in what you do means less repetitive movements to cause wear and tear on joints. Also including core workouts such as yoga and pilates helps to build a strong core and improves mobility and flexibility. All important for injury prevention.

We have a really fun group program. with lots of different classes. This month you can get started with a friend and pay for only one person. So grab a friend and start working on a brand new you.

Email me to get started or for more info.

Libby x