My Top 6 Exercises for Everyday Women 50+

Knowing exactly what exercises you should be doing to help you to get and stay as strong as possible is often really confusing.


There is a myriad of information on the web these days and to be honest I often check this out and it makes me really scared as I see people giving advice that for the average woman who has not been exercising or for ladies more like myself who are what should I say “more mature” can and most probably would cause injury.


Yes, I look at these and go “wow I would love to do that” but then my logical self says “do this and you will be at the physio with a very sore back”.


So now I guess you are asking "so what should I be doing to get stronger and stay injury free?"

Well here’s my top 6 exercises that I love to include in my workout and what I recommend to the everyday lady in their 50’s and beyond.

Bridges are my go to for strengthening up my gluteal (butt) muscles as well as strengthening my lower back. They are fabulous for helping to both prevent and alleviate back pain.

Bird dog is another awesome exercise for strengthening up the glutes & core as well as the muscles in your back. Again another excellent exercise to prevent and alleviate back pain.

Squats are a foundation exercise and really help to strengthen your legs and butt. They also help us to be strong enough to climb stairs, walk up a hill and to enjoy living an active life.

Push ups work our chest, arms and tummy. They help to build strength so that we can get on and do everyday tasks plus of course to lead an active life.

A kneeling row is going to help build up strong arms and back muscles. Strong arms and back muscles make carrying the shopping or lifting heavy objects much easier. Plus again they help us to be able to get on and enjoy living life.

Calf raises help build strong lower leg and ankle muscles. They also help strengthen our feet and assist with improving our balance. 

So how many of these exercises should you start with? 

I recommend that you start with 10 repetitions of each exercise and you can gradually build up to doing 15 repetitions of each two or three times.


Please always remember that if anything does not feel right for you please leave it out of your workout. I also recommend that if you haven’t been exercising or have injuries to always have a chat with your health care practitioner before getting started on a new exercise program.


P.S. I have just created brand new online 10 minute workouts that you can do at home. Stay tuned as these are going to be released on November 1st. Please shoot me an email if you want to find out more.