There's more to exercise than losing weight

When you ask anyone about why they exercise and what results they want I bet you will find that most people will say I am exercising to lose weight. Yes exercising is going to help you to lose weight and tone up your trouble spots but there are so many other really great reasons why you should be exercising regularly. We are also hung up on how we look that we forget that when we exercise we actually are doing far more for our bodies than just toning up and dropping a few kilograms.

Here are a few other really cool benefits of exercising:

Improves your emotional well being

This is what I see as the biggest benefit of exercise.

We all want to feel confident, happy and have a really positive outlook on life.

Exercise can help with this.

Yes it will definitely help you to tone up and look and feel great if you combine exercise and healthy eating together. In turn your confidence will certainly increase as you will be able to look in the mirror and feel proud of what you see.

Exercise will improve your confidence in another way. There is no doubt at all that after you finish a workout you will feel proud of yourself and what you have achieved. You know that you have worked hard, sometimes even stepping outside of your comfort zone which always leaves you feeling proud and pumped. In turn you become a more confident person as you know you can conquer anything.

I know that after a fun run or other workout where I have really put myself up for a challenge I just feel on top of the world!

Exercise is also a great way to improve your mood. I know that when I feel a bit grumpy or just down in the dumps I go and do a workout. This then leaves me feeling like a totally different person. I think most of us know that exercise is good for our mood but sometimes it can be hard to drag yourself out of the doldrums. When you just can't be bothered doing a workout, just tell yourself I will do 10 minutes and then I can stop if I want to. I bet you will end up doing your entire workout and will feel great at the end.

My family will tell you that when I don't workout I am grumpy and not at all a person that they want to be around. Plus I also hate that feeling of being grumpy and unreasonable so I make sure that I always fit in some type of activity so I don't become a nightmare to live with.

Being active is also a great way to manage depression. I know for me when I went though a bout of depression in my late 40's it was exercise that kept me going. I always felt better after a workout. Even if it is just a walk out in the fresh air, I can assure you that your mood will have lifted.

Boosts your energy

How often have you got to the end of the day and just feel totally wiped out from the demands of the day? I know that if I can fit even a 15 minute workout into my crazy schedule I will feel better and have more energy. Yes I know you probably think but exercise will make me tired? Yes it can when first starting out. The key is to gradually build up your strength and endurance, this in turn will make it easier to get through the day as you will be stronger and fitter which makes everyday tasks easier. 

Just remember it is not a great idea to do strenuous exercise just before bed. For a good night's sleep it is important to wind down prior to bed. So get your workout in a few hours before bedtime. A mind-body style of workout such as yoga or gentle pilates and stretching is okay to do closer to bedtime.

While I am talking about sleep, when you include exercise into your routine, you will find that you sleep better and wake up refreshed ready for the next busy day.

It's fun and social

Exercise and working out can be fun if you join a group or workout with friends or family. There are so many options when it comes to being active. Why not join a group fitness class with other people like yourself, this way you will be sure to have a laugh together as you work out. Or why not try a dance class or even a group sport such as tennis or netball. Find something you enjoy and have fun.

I know my ladies in our group classes have all become great friends and we have a laugh every session. The ladies all care about each other and are always there for each other.

Combats health conditions & diseases

As we start to get a bit older being healthy takes on a new meaning. Our joints can start to stiffen up and ache. For many poor nutrition can catch up on them and start to cause a few health concerns.  Generally I think we realise that we are not as young as we once were.

This is where exercise can help slow down the ageing process and it certainly can help to prevent and even overcome some diseases.

Exercise helps to strengthen both our heart and lungs. Exercise can help prevent cardiovascular disease and can lower blood pressure. Exercise helps keep our cholesterol levels under check too as exercise boosts good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers triglycerides (bad cholesterol). 

Exercise is also great for preventing and controlling Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, some cancers and arthritis. 

Our balance is also improved by exercise which then helps to reduce the incidence of falls. Plus our bone density is improved by exercise which will also help prevent osteoporosis and the risk of fractures.

So as you can see, being active and including exercise into your lifestyle will help you to feel confident, happy, full of energy and generally healthier. Get moving and enjoy that feeling of being fit, healthy and happy.

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