Libby's Fitness For Life Group Timetable

Libbys Fitness Timetable Sept 2018

Super Strength (30 min):

Build strong lean muscles. Our class encompasses a wide variety of exercises using body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells and machines.

Cardio Blitz (30 min):

A class for cardio lovers. Encompasses lots of cardio drills and body weight exercises.

Metafit (45 min):

A high intensity interval training class that uses only your body weight and really fires up your metabolism, builds strength and cardio fitness

Energy Fit (45 min):

Cardio moves plus strength exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and your own body weight. Tones and strengthens your body. 

Box Fit (45 min):

A class with everything – boxing, cardio drills, and core designed to leave you feeling stress free.

Abs/Core (45 min):

A Pilates style class focusing on improving core strength. Great for injury prevention and of course toning your abs and butt.

Running Group (45 min):

Suitable for all levels from complete beginner to the more experienced runner

Beginner Yoga (60 min):

A beautiful flowing style yoga class. Calm your busy mind, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility and mobility.

All classes are suitable for all levels. Individual regressions and progressions will be given where needed.